Smiley Kuntjoro

Chief Product Officer


Smiley Kuntjoro

Smiley Kuntjoro With over 20 years of experience in product and engineering leadership, Smiley is a seasoned professional renowned for delivering innovative and market-leading products across the US and Southeast Asia. Currently serving as the Chief Product Officer of logistics and supply chain at, Smiley leverages a successful track record from previous roles at Halodoc, Tokopedia, and Gojek. Smiley's journey as a product leader commenced at NETGEAR, where they spent 13 years spearheading the development of advanced networking technologies, including IoT smart home, Wi-Fi, routers, and switches. Holding an M.S. degree in Telecommunication Systems and a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering, Smiley boasts a robust academic background in the field. Their passion for innovation is further underscored by two U.S. patents and one Indonesia application patent.Throughout their illustrious career, Smiley has had the privilege of collaborating with four leading startup companies in Indonesia, each specializing in diverse domains, from daily services to logistics. Their leadership and contributions have played a pivotal role in propelling growth and fostering innovation in these dynamic industries.

Topic: How to develop a holistic AI Strategy that integrating Gen-AI and Predictive AI for business success

Charles Budiman

Chief Digital Officer

Maybank Indonesia

Charles Budiman

A seasoned Senior Executive in the banking industry, Charles brings a wealth of expertise in Retail, Digital, Strategic Planning, and Transformation areas. With his extensive experience leading major transformation initiatives and his highly strategic and conceptual thinking, Charles possesses unique skills in supporting organizations to define and execute their strategic initiatives.

Topic: TBD

Yew Choong Chew

Chief Data Officer

AmBank Group

Yew Choong Chew

Yew Choong Chew attained a Master's degree and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Information Science and Control Engineering from Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan. With over 20 years of experience in software development, large-scale transformations, data analytics, and data management across multiple industry segments—including Banking, Telecommunications, Software Services, Education, Research & Development, Publication, Advertisement, and Market
Expansion Services—he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Yew Choong Chew is passionate about generating ideas, building practical products, and knowledge sharing. He is an enthusiast of new technologies, particularly those related to information retrieval, machine learning, and data science. As a technical leader of numerous high-impact projects, he has been awarded 4 patents, with another 3 pending. Additionally, he is a co-founder of DIBots IT Solutions Sdn. Bhd., co-founder of the Malaysian National Computer Confederation AI Special Interest Group (MNCC-AI SIG), and serves as an external supervisor for several local universities.

Topic: How to Build a Future ready engagement strategy with conversational AI for Banks?

Mira Koeshandajani

VP Business Strategy

PT Smartfren Telecom Tbk

Mira Koeshandajani

Mira Koeshandajani has spent nearly 30 years learning the ropes of product crafting that delight customers in the ever-evolving Telco industry. Currently, she's the VP of Business Strategy at Smartfren for Business, PT Smartfren Telecom Tbk. Mira's journey began with a focus on creating products which filled with tales of successful product launches, cross-functional collaboration triumphs, and data-driven insights that transformed customer experiences and increase customer engagement through gamification. She then transitioned her skills to developing data-driven strategies and fostering collaboration to launch successful product lines. Currently, at Smartfren for Business, Mira is applying her adaptability to the B2B space. She is actively learning and strategizing to create solutions that cater to the specific needs of enterprise customers. This new chapter has sparked a passion in Mira for creating human-centered solutions that leverage technology to empower businesses. She believes her background and collaborative spirit can contribute to a future where Telco services seamlessly support the success of companies production services.

Topic: Enabling personalization with Conversational AI

  • How can conversational AI help deliver personalized experience based on data?
  • How can AI based Conversational AI Provide Seamless and interactive experience to customers?
  • Leveraging Conversational AI to create personalized customer experiences while improving operational efficiencies
  • What are the challenges faced by the conversational AI for delivering personalized experience to customers and how to overcome it?

Ashish Sharma

VP Customer Success

DBS Bank

Ashish Sharma

Ashish Sharma, as a tech leader at DBS, spearheads customer success and the transformation of the data platform to provide robust analytical, data science, and business intelligence capabilities that enable innovation across all banking products and domains. By consolidating these capabilities into one integrated platform, he rapidly delivers impactful insights that shape the future of finance. His team builds in-house Gen-AI solutions that help DBS create hyper-personalized banking experiences.

Topic: Capturing Value across customer life cycle with Conversational AI

  • Intelligently identifying leads and reaching out to prospective customers using Robo advisors
  • Using Bots to process customer applications
  • Deploying sales bot to work alongside Bank staff, nudging them with reminders to close sales
  • Using bots for KYC verification
  • Using Bots to manage underwriting processes and multi-channel processing

Pushpendra Kumar

Senior Vice President

PT. Indosat Tbk

Pushpendra Kumar

Telco leader with 15 years of experience across consulting, digital businesses, e-commerce, tech transformation and telecom services. Key areas of expertise include digital transformation, marketplace, advertising and promo technologies, data monetization, commercial strategy, digital strategy, enterprise sales, convergence and fleet monetization In parallel business development and sales/GTM, Omnichannel for business solutions. Keen eye on new technologies changing the digital space and creating revenue opportunities.

Topic: Transforming Customer Engagement: How conversational AI is redefining customer interactions

Hendro Lim

VP of Operations


Hendro Lim

Hendro Lim With around ten years of experience in business management and operations, Hendro is a Lean Six Sigma certified professional who is passionate about process efficiency and innovation. He has proven track records of achieving cost optimization, customer satisfaction, and operational scalability in various industries, such as e-commerce, fintech, and conglomerate. At the moment, he serves as the VP of Operations at Flip where he manages the customer operations and transaction support to ensure smooth and seamless service delivery.

Topic: Evolution of Chatbots

Deepak Gupta



Deepak Gupta

Deepak Gupta is a senior executive and Vice President Engineering at Cars24 financial services, with over twenty-two years of experience in technology. An alumnus of the prestigious institutions, IIT Delhi and Latrobe University Australia, Deepak brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. He is a prominent figure in the FinTech landscape, known for his thought leadership and extensive innovation in AI, ML, and Data science. Deepak has played a key role in developing resilient engineering platforms, scalable FinTech solutions, and cutting-edge websites, apps and products. In his current role, Deepak is spearheading the expansion of Cars24's financial services and enhancing its FinTech presence, including the NBFC landscape.Previously, he served as the Global Head of Technology at Airtel Africa, where he spearheaded successful FinTech products like Airtel Payments Bank and Airtel Money - digital payments, Merchant payments, cross-border remittances, lend-tech, Reg-tech, business banking, and developer portal across 14 African countries.Deepak is a strong advocate for using technology to drive positive change, going beyond mere trend-chasing to strategically harness its potential in addressing complex challenges and
optimizing operational efficiency.

Topic: RAG Systems in Conversational AI: Balancing User Needs and Business Objectives.

Vykintas Mineikis

Regional Senior Operations Director


Vykintas Mineikis

Builder of strong and agile teams with a vast experience in eCommerce, especially operations - fulfillment centers, logistics, supply chain, automation, lean process and system design - lean 4.0 and strong background in Finance - MSc in Finance from LSE. Building the future of eCommerce in South East Asia - changing the landscape of how people shop and what a good customer experience means. Scaling ZALORA start-up to where it is todayoptimizing operational efficiency.

Topic: The Human-AI Creative Partnership: Unleashing the Potential of Generative AI & LLMs

Manish Kumar

Director of Engineering


Manis Kumar

Passionate software engineer with a keen interest in staying abreast of the latest advancements in STEM and continuously seeking innovative approaches to problem-solving. Experienced in collaborating with cross-functional teams to translate business requirements into actionable, innovative solutions using ML. Proficient in the entire (SDLC) and specifically in the ML lifecycle – from data preprocessing and feature engineering to model training, validation, and deployment. The focus is on finding a innovative solution ML or otherwise.

Topic: Unleashing the Power of AI in Insurance Industry


Executive Vice President

PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia


Div. Head of Digital Bank BRI Group, former CEO of Bank Raya Indonesia, Tbk. (Digital Bank owned by Bank BRI) with a demonstrated history of working in the banking, software and telco industry for more than 18 years of experience. Specialist in Ecosystem Builder, Customer Engagement, Big Data & AI, Strategic Management, and Digital strategy execution. Strong product, program and project management professional.

Topic: Lowering costs, improving operations, and accelerating revenue growth with AI-enabled banking

Edwin Simjaya

Head of AI & Software Center

Kalbe Digital Lab

Edwin Simjaya

Edwin Simjaya's life purposes are to help young people discover their identity, understand who they really are, and inspire them to live meaningful lives. His passion lies in coaching, teaching, and contributing to people's growth. He enjoys the process of growing together with his team and colleagues. With a strong background as an engineer, he strives to keep up with the latest agile development technology, while also honing his skills in coaching, facilitation, project management, public speaking, and the art of influencing people.

Topic: The Collaborative Partnership Between Humans and AI: Unlocking the Capabilities of Generative AI & LLMs

Bhargava Sreepathi

Director Data Science

Syneos Health

Bhargava Sreepathi

Bhargav is a passionate professional in Data Science and AI, driven by data's transformative power. With deep expertise, he applies cutting-edge technologies to solve real-world problems. Bhargav has successfully led projects across manufacturing, eCommerce, and healthcare, demonstrating the impact of integrating data science and AI.

Before joining the industry, Bhargav was an academic researcher focused on data-driven approaches and optimization techniques. He believes in continuous upskilling and stays updated with the latest trends and technologies. Bhargav is also passionate about teaching and mentoring, fostering learning through the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Topic: Future Trends: The Convergence of AI, Big Data, and Personalized Healthcare

Agata Bas

Entrepreneur & Brand Advisor

Former Director in Dentsu & Mindvalley

Agata Bas

10 years of customer growth strategy, digital experience design, e-commerce, digital marketing, business development and startups experience. Director of Creative Experience & Commerce with expertise in building customer centric teams, designing creative solutions, improving customer engagement and increasing customer retention. Former co-founder of networking startup valued at USD $1 Million. Obtained 2 Masters Degrees in Business Management and Business Psychology.

Topic: AI in loyalty: how to leverage on AI to boost customer loyalty.

Joseph Simbar

Chief Executive Officer


Joseph Simbar

Joseph Simbar is a tech serial entrepreneur. He received his bachelors degree in corporate finance from San Francisco State University and have 12+ years of experience in the enterprise technology space.

He sold his first tech company when he was 23 years old, and has since built various applications from CRM, ERP, Logistic Tech, and Edutech.

He is currently the CEO and co-founder of Mimin, a company that is focused on creating various chat journey for customers. The company is funded by various investors including Salim Group, the largest conglomerate in Indonesia.

Topic: Building the Future of CX through Generative AI Chatbot